Friday, January 22, 2010


one phone call makes me makes me write this post..
LISTEN here i write this blog is for my own pleasure purposes...
AND i can write or post anything i wan because i hav a right to do so!!!

AS LONG AS I DID NOT WRITE ANY POLITICAL STUFF u dun hav the bloody right to comment or ASK ME TO DELETE MY POST...

DO YOU GET TAT>>?? or do u wan me to repeat again>>?

ANYONE of u feel offended about the contents of my posts BEST solution = DONT READ OR EVEN OPEN MY BLOG ANYMORE...! thank you!!

my PAST IS PAST..the previous post i wrote was past...tat doesnt mean i hav to delete those post bcos is past..?? u dun like the post doesnt mean i hav to delete it...izzit everytime i put up new post i hav to delete my previous post?? is there such a rule??? if there is...
DARN i rather stop BLOGGING..

i DIN FORCE U BY putting a gun on ur head to read every single post i put up in my blog...

do u knw there is a right to speech?? if u dunno then here i am telling you..YES there is a RIGHT TO SPEECH as long as i do not say anything sensitive about the race,religion,or even gender discrimination THEN i have the right to write watever i wan EXCLUDING POLITICAL VIEWS..


i dun get it sometimes ...this blog is ABOUT ME not u THE WAY i wanna express my thoughts n tat WRONG?
am i KILLING YOU SOFTLY by writing this blog?

P/S: if this post ONCE AGAIN OFFENDED YOU then i'm freaking speechless...just delete my blog address from ur computer/laptop/ur hp...THIS MAKES U N MY LIFE EASIER..


i'm sorry if i'm so straight forward..this is me..u rather hear the truth or u wanna hear the sweet words(which behind laying all the lies) ?? i let u choose..

Monday, January 4, 2010

this IS LIFE i assumed...

its been a while since i blog..
its been few weeks i din on9..guess i've been avoding something..
Avoiding mysef from doing something stupid..

Do u believe in NEW YEAR NEW LIFE?..
I wanted to believe it so much..
Today i reached KL after quite a long break i ended up sobbing on a fon..Unbelievable
WHY i cry when i hear his voice? silly when he asked me y i cry..i cant answer him at all..
I tot n i BELIEVED i let it go..
but guess wat..i'm just lying to mysef to everybody ...i even believed my own lies..

when i open my FACEBOOK..guess wat was the first thing i did...
haha..i was so anxious about his facebook..wonderin how has he been..

NEW YEAR everyone moved on including him...But me..silly me

after the fon call..i wondered issit the right decision i come back..should i just stay back..?

FEW hours passed..i still cant figure it out...

here i m AGAIN duwan to sleep early n writing some silly blog...
n everyone reading it n pointing n laughing at me "how come she so "sat pai" ? "

some even said .."wow she is such a play girl"

yaya i m play gal la...DAMMIT
if i m this would NEVER HAPPEN..



Ci B**G...dammit
(sorry for being rude)watever la this is my blog...dammit

How i wish LoVe din HURT this Much.,
How i wish Life without LOve..
How i wish i can be a PLAY GIRL like those ppl keep saying i m..(but of cos i wont be one ..IS too cheap)


PA DA PA PA PA..I'M LOVIN IT ~~ dammit