Sunday, March 7, 2010

WORTH more than anything u ever OWNED

May ask me go to study..haha well she is studying nw behind me..

i'm actualli also making effort to study..but suddenly i feel like writing a blog ..haha cant concentrate on this stupid LEGAL AID topic..


I realised most of the posts on my walls were sad stories...

its about time i change the way i write about the story of my life..

Things always happen not according as we planned..

watever we plan n wish to happen..ends up all screwed up to the worst case scenario..

Guess wat ..this happen to me ALL THE FREAKING TIME..haha

i take it n accept watever fuck happened in my life...

CRY is the way i express mysef n indeed the very best way to make mysef feel BETTER..

my frens always ask me "how come u got so much tears? like tap water which is spoiled"

....i dunno either why i can cry all the way....

BUt everytime after i cry i seriously feeel better... :)

Being cared by one is much better than caring for someone tat dun even wan to see u anymore..

i told tat to mysef millions times after tat incident...

GALS, we seriously need to stand up for oursef...its about time to let those bastards knw tat we are worth more than anything they ever owned !! ...

never ever take us for GRANTED.... :)

my phrase for the day >>> I'M OUT OF HIS FUCKING LEAGUE!!<<< (^^)

Monday, March 1, 2010

chaptured some of CNY events !~~

MATURE enough bo ? keep saying i look like 17 or 18...(==')

nice shot..hahazz

my very FIRST time at MOIS ..FINALLY!!! hahahaz

dinner at "SMALL GENTING"

in the car on the way to PENANG "SMALL GENTING"..^^

bryan looks like our BIG BROTHER hahahaz

~the Ladies ~